Thursday, September 12, 2013

We Skyped Chief Meteorologist Travis Koshko!

What an incredible day! 
We had our first classroom Skype visit with a local celebrity- 
Travis Koshko- chief meteorologist for the Charlottesville Newsplex. 

The children came up with a list of excellent questions for Mr. Koshko. 

We have been studying graphs in Ms. Straume's 3rd grade class. We wanted the children to see how useful graphs are in the real world. Mr. Koshko explained how he uses a variety of graphs and maps to help him predict the weather. Here is an example of a graph that our class created illustrating how many grams of sugar are in 1 serving of cereal:

We learned some amazing things about what it takes to be chief meteorologist. 
Mr. Koshko told us he wakes up at 2:30AM and gets to the station by 3:00AM! WOW! Someone needs to bring that man a Bodo's bagel at 6:00AM. :) 

Thanks again for Skyping with us Mr. Koshko!
For more information follow our Twitter feed: @Claireecantrell and @chalkrelic (Ms. Straume) 

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