Wednesday, September 4, 2013

20 Little Lessons Learned...

20 little lessons learned... from my first "formal" lesson

1.    Get their attention. Relate it to them personally.
2.     Exaggerate. Be dramatic. Be overdramatic.
3.    Translate everything into kid language. Ask them to make up the definitions. Write down their definitions.
a.     For example, When I was using the IPICK acronym some of the kids did not know what the words: “purpose”, “interest”, “comprehend”, and “know” meant. It’s important to translate this into words they undertand before moving on.
4.    Write down what you need to write down on your anchor chart ahead of time so you’re not wasting time looking at the chart. You lose the kids’ attention during that time.
5.     While the children are turning and talking to someone, listen to their conversations.
6.    Ask the children to repeat what their partner said. This improves listening skills.   
7.    Have the kids rephrase the question you asked in their own words.
8.    Differentiate for students who may not be able to read what you’re writing.
9.    Have an extension activity prepared for children who work more quickly.
10. Relate it to the real world! When and how do we do this in real life?
11. Get their attention at the beginning of the lesson. Get their attention again in the middle of the lesson. Keep their attention. Leave them with something concrete.
12. Assessment. If the students can’t write down the words they are thinking then they can tell me the answer in their own words.
13. Some students struggle to understand the question that is being asked on the exit slip. They don’t comprehend what is being asked. In this case, simplify the question. State it another way.
14. Review. Review again.
15. Have them apply what they are learning.
16. Students may work in partners. This is interactive support.
17. Give explicit directions for how the children are expected to behave when they  transition from one activity to another and one place to another.
18.Circulate to make sure they are on the right track.
19. Add physical movement whenever possible.

20. Smile. It spreads joy.

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