Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Seven Pathways to Lifelong Learning #1: Technology Infusion: Popplet

I have had an amazing start to student teaching. I feel like my brain is buzzing with new ideas (the buzzing part could also be the coffee). I have been jotting down books, websites, and concepts non-stop for the past three days. Today I learned about the "7 Pathways to Lifelong Learning," an initiative by Albemarle County Public Schools. This has definitely given me direction in thinking about how I want to plan my instruction this semester as a student teacher in third grade.

7 Pathways to Lifelong Learning - D2015

1. Interactive Technologies
2. P-based Learning (Passion, projects, problem-solving)
3. Universal Design for Learning
4. Instructional Tolerance
5. Connectivity
6. Make to Learn, Learn to Make
7. Choice and Comfort

#1 Interactive technologies. One of my favorite interactive technologies that can be used by students and teachers is Popplet. It is an excellent online brainstorming and concept mapping tool.

If you have a Popplet you can look at others' popplets. I created a Popplet concept map while I was planning a third grade economics unit.

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