Monday, September 24, 2012

Making it Happen by Richard-Amato, Introduction

Patricia A. Richard-Amato. Making it Happen: From Interactive to Participatory Language Teaching: Evolving Theory and Practice. Introduction pp. 1-17

            A new idea expressed in this reading that I had not thought of before is that teaching English is a political act. It is debatable whether the teacher empowers the student or whether power is negotiated between the teacher and the student. The end goal of language learning is “political empowerment in a global society from being able to establish one’s identity” (3). This author stresses the importance of “sociocultural factors” influencing language learning. The source culture for English language learning is typically American or British culture. One of the important points stressed is that teachers, like children, are not blank slates. Therefore, during teacher education programs teacher should be actively involved in integrating their understanding of the “disciplinary knowledge base.” The author suggests that pre-service teachers start a professional development journal. I love that idea. I think this blog serves that purpose.

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